Monday, September 29, 2008

The Many Dangers of Conference Attendance--Especially at the Kidlit Blogger Conference--Part 3

There are some serious dangers when attending a conference.

No! Not tight rope walking in heels. (Not that it wasn't suggested!)

But, I'm seriously serious, especially when it comes to being at the Kidlit Blogger Conference.

I will admit, the majority of my SIX dangers are post conference-time dangers, which makes them somewhat avoidable. But, it's all so worth the risk.

1. Air Fresheners and Air Conditioning

All hotel/conference venues have this problem. First, the air-fresheners...even when one unplugs the automated-fragrance-pumping machines, they end up plugged back in. Second, the air conditioning. I think hotels believe conference attendees will fall asleep but not at THIS conference--too much fun. What I didn't note about the below picture in my Part 2 post was that it was taken just prior to all six lovely ladies putting on mittens and ear muffs.

A special mention: I missed mentioning Kim Baker's name (Wagging Tales) in this photo in my previous post. How could I miss Kim? She's hilarious, smart, and a complete Flirt!

2. The Bloggerazzi

If that's not a word should be! Throughout the entire weekend, the cameras were clicking. And flashing. And recording. I couldn't help looking around thinking, "One of these cameras could capture just about anything. Anything!"

We were even taking pictures of each other taking pictures.

3. Pyramid Schemes

You never know who's scouting out conference attendees in the lobbies and bar areas of the hotel. One minute you're standing there unsuspecting, having a drink with friends. The next, someone's trying to squirt sprays at you and lure you into the business.

4. Sitting at the "Woo Hoo" Table

It may have been the high quantity of tickets purchased by our winning table, but after we WooHooed a few times too many for the other tables' likings, we started to get some looks--they were no longer smiles...they even stopped clapping for us. Some even showed some aggressive behavior. (I wonder if any of the bloggerazzi caught that on camera?)

5. Zombies

Yes! You read right. Zombies! If you've been reading posts from others at the Kidlit Blogger Conference, there's a good chance you've heard something about zombie sock puppets and likley viewed some pictures. Well, I have some, too! But, I will not be sharing until the genius behind the puppets (Jaime at Chompoblog) posts her video...the one I'm dying to see. Oh, I have behind-the-scene pictures, and I will use them!

6. Bartenders with Bobbleheads...Happy Pills...Good Company

Hanging out after-hours at a conference is part of the fun. But be careful when your company includes Kim Baker (mentioned above) and Suzanne Young. You'll end up at the bar chatting with Rocky...a bartender so famous, he has his own bobblehead. Then Kim will make you order his specialty--the Happy Pill. Then you'll stay up 'til the wee hours of the morning.
Then...oh, man! I don't remember.


Anonymous said...

I like the big space at the end of your post to illustrate all that you don't remember. I went to bed before you, so I DO remember! Watch for all the sordid details in my upcoming memoir Just Jaime: It's All About Jolie.

The zombie interview starring Jolie (with others, too, I guess) is up at chompoblog!

Matt Holm said...

Woo-hoo! Long live the winners!!!

Anonymous said...


I forgot about Rocky. The happy pill made my memories fuzzy.

Thanks for the shout outs. Geesh. You make me blush. :)

holly cupala said...

Who knew there was such a flirt lurking beneath Kim's exterior?? After the LA conference...oh my gosh. Where Kim goes, shrieks follow.

Stephanie Perkins said...

Thank you for these great conference posts, Jolie!

I feel like I was there! Except, I'm totally completely one hundred percent jealous that I WASN'T there.

What's that all about?