Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Crack of the Whip

Do you hear it?


The 5000-word whip is cracking once more. I still think of it as a licorice rope though...soft and sweet. It's working on me and it seems more and more are joining in.

INSPIRED! That's what I am as so many have commented here or with Holly or on their own blogs about hitting amazing goals. What started out as two friends trying to give each other a nudge has turned into a Word Fest. I mean, Steph wrote 10,000 words yesterday, friends! 10,000...that's a 1 with four zeros (that would be 10 sticky notes for me)!

My sticky notes are on hand and ready, and writing (for me) will begin today around noon.

We'd love to have those playing along check in on comments throughout the day. Or at least let us know you're in so we can check your blog and your progress plus offer a big Woo-Hoo when you cross the finish line.


Kjersten said...

Okay, I can't play with words (I'm a draw-er) but I can play with pictures.

I don't know what a good equivalent is in drawing land. But you all inspired me to try some faster gesture-ish drawing last Friday with an insane goal to see if I could just GET STUFF DOWN and I was AMAZED by what I accomplished.

So tomorrow I'm going for it again. I'm going to aim for the same thing I accomplished Friday. See if I can repeat. If I do, I meet my Golden Coffee Cup goal. Awesome. Thanks for the inspiration, Jolie and Holly!

Stephanie Perkins said...

Loooooove the stickies SO MUCH, Jolie. You are my new hero. So simple, but so effective! Thanks again for the amazing tip.

Good luck today & HAVE FUN!

holly cupala said...

It's funny that you're thinking of licorice - I just bought some pastel licorice at City People's and it is the best licorice EVER. Yum. Maybe I'll have one as a reward today. Wherplash...

holly cupala said...

Just about to 3K now! So far behind! How's it going with you?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm in. It's 8:35 pm here, I'm STILL putting the little guy to bed, dinner has yet to be served (but I'm not cooking it!) but I'm still going to give it a go!