Thursday, November 13, 2008

In Which My Shower Ideas Fall to Pieces

Some of you will remember back to my post about brilliant ideas that happen in the shower. So many helpful comments followed. I was led to these cool tile pencils and three of them (black, white, and red) went to live in my shower. But here's the thing! I have yet to have a brilliant idea in the shower since. I bet if I removed the pencils, the ideas would be back full force and I'd be wishing for those pencils once more.

Not only have I stopped my shower ideas from forming, but the pencils have caught the attention of another hubby. Although he did leave me a nice "love you" message one morning, I now have two eyeballs just above my shower head that stare at me...just a wee bit creepy and odd.

On to other things creepy and odd. Anyone feel the excitement in the air? A big film is about to hit theaters. You know the one...based on that little-bitty book...the one set very near my home...a place I hear young girls are fl0cking to. Yes, it's Twilight. As I was driving last night, an ad for a news segment was played about how teen girls are traveling to Forks, WA where they are now giving Twilight tours. Amazing really. But here's something more amazing...funny really...hilarious. If you can't wait for the movie, here's Martha Brokenbrough's take on the Twilight script. Go have a read.


Anonymous said...

Jolie, found your blog through Brimstone Soup. Hope the shower ideas come back. BTW, I am a huge Twilight fan. Some teacher friends and I are having a girls night for the movie!

Suzanne Young said...

Hm... Maybe I should drive up and we can get a tour of Twilight followed by a movie (with martinies of course) You down? haha

Cuppa Jolie said...

Shelburns, Thanks for stopping by and a girls night movie sounds fab.

Suzanne, that leads me to you...I'm totally down if you drive up. I think the drink would be called a Twilightini...wonder what would be in it?

Anonymous said...

i just read martha's review and my guess? bella's clumsiness will be downplayed, and she won't be making dinners for her dad. he'll just have to get take-out.

even though it's three posts down in your blog at this point, the chinook update just pointed me to your interview with alice pope. i've been thinking about blogging, but feel some of the uncertainty you felt. it takes courage to put yourself out there. i assumed the bloggers out there were made of courage and confidence, not that they had to muster it up, or manifest it!

thank you for your honest interview about your process of becoming a blogger. i see now that bloggers are not born, they are made!

Vacuum Queen said...

I SO get your shower ideas. I blog while I vacuum and that's when I decided to start a blog. Too many thoughts in my head while I was vacuuming like a slave everyday. Gotta get them out of my head, lame as they may be. No main audience either. Should've named it, "too many irons in the fire," because I flit around topics. But the main idea's the same as yours. I get it.
You're in Forks? I'm in Burlington. :)

Cuppa Jolie said...

Karen, you're welcome. I'm glad you found me here. It is a little scary to put yourself out there in the blog world, but I must say that's it's been far less scary being here than it was thinking about being here.

Vacuum Queen,the good thing about vacuuming is that you can run to notepad. Do you let yourself?

Mari Hunt said...

I posted about the shower phenomenon not too long ago myself, but to me it's like the Wardrobe. If Lucy went into the Wardrobe expecting to go to Narnia, Narnia didn't materialize. You gotta lose the pencils and just go there with expectations of good hygiene. (I did, once, write a note on my counter in eye pencil. However my tile grout is white and the pencil is charcoal and it had been awhile since we sealed the grout and, well, there's still a little bit of that note on my bathroom counter.)

Anonymous said...

How cool. I keep having ideas in the shower, too, and since the water is near scalding, I get a good build-up of steam and can jot a few ideas down on the glass door. I'll have to check out those pencils and your other post!

Stephanie Perkins said...

HAHAHA! My favorite exchange:

BELLA: I like this jacket a lot better.

EDWARD: I will burn the other and sprinkle the ashes in the four corners of the Earth, so that it never offends you again.

BELLA: You're amazing.

EDWARD: You're amazing.

BELLA: No, you are.

EDWARD: I said it first.

BELLA: No, ... moreactually, I did. Just look at the transcript.

Love it! Thanks for linking it :)

(And, yes, my girlfriends and I are TOTALLY seeing it next weekend, despite our reservations about Robert Pattinson's lack of supernatural hotness.)

Anonymous said...

I had never heard of the tile/shower pencil thing -- it sounds so useful! But I get how the shower/idea magic might not work if it was in place.

I've got tickets to Twilight opening night. I love all of the buzz about a book movie.

I had no idea that girls were heading to Forks. I just moved to Portland and I have to say it has crossed my mind how perfect this climate is for vampires. It can be really really dark at noon.