Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Had Me Some Big Hair

A challenge has been issued by Jay over at the Disco Mermaids. A throw down, really. You game? Yes? Good! Dig up your senior picture, post it on your blog, and comment over at the Mermaids directing all to your lovely photo.

I'm playing. Even though it is causing me to have a serious Cringe Moment, because, WOW, did we (I mean, I) really think hair this big (see below) looked good. Really?

Look at that! My bangs MUST be 4 inches tall. Don't you think?

Isn't it funny what looking back at a photo, as old as it is, can bring back? I totally remember those jeans, that sweater, and just the visual of my dark hair brings me right back to that time and a certain specific memory.

Want to hear a high school story...about moi?

This may not seem like a big deal, but it soooo was! I mean, I was in high school.

All right. It's senior year. Spring. Lots is happening. It's an exciting time. Tolo (the girl-ask-boy dance) is just around the corner. I decide I want to get highlights for the first time ever. I convince my parents it's a good idea. I make an appointment at a cool, hip place in the city. I drive myself there, get foils (which I think is going to add some natural highlights to my color), BUT the girl highlighted AND colored me. What color you might ask? was red. RED! What do you do when someone takes a towel off your head and your hair is red and you didn't expect it to be that color and you've got a dance the next day and you've got senior portraits the next week? I'll tell you what you do (if you're me)! You pretend like your happy, pay the lady, get in your car, continually peek in the review mirror trying to decide if it truly is red, and attempt to figure out if maybe, just maybe, you could like it. But instead you cry all the way home, you get to your house, run to the bathroom, stick your head under the facet in the tub and scrub and scrub and scrub. Oh, yah! And cry some more. DEVASTATING!

My mom felt so, so bad. She immediately lined up an emergency appointment at another salon where they tried to match my hair color to my natural, which really isn't possible. Of course it was far darker. Way darker, actually.

See what one picture brings on! Phew.

What's your story? I want to know. Come on, come on! Post your senior picture. I promise I won't laugh (no, my fingers aren't crossed behind my back).


Suzanne Young said...

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! It's so soft and pretty. You were totally 90210 in this! Brenda. Not Kelly.



Disco Mermaids said...

That's so funny! The same thing happened to a friend of mine the day before her senior photos. And it was with the same color. Red!

Thanks for sharing. The more people who take the challenge, the less dorky we all have to feel.

- Jay

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great picture, and you hair is not that big. I've seen much, much bigger. In my senior picture, my hair is long and of course, straight as a board. I did have bangs, but not big ones. Sadly, I could never get my hair to be big, which looking back, is probably a good thing :)

Cuppa Jolie said...

Ah sheesh, Suzanne and Beth Jean. You're too sweet. I suppose I should have posted the picture where I'm wearing some sort of skirt/short-leaved jacket combo with shoulders up to my ears--the Dynasty look (instead of 90120).

Jay, so funny you have a friend who did the same thing. What does that say about us?

I refuse to be the only Seattle-area person playing. Come on all--Jaime, Laurie, Kim, Holly, Lorie Ann, Tina, and the rest--where you at? I want to see.

Sara, send me yours and I'll post it for you!

Joni said...

Heck, this photo can't be that old, you look about three years younger than you do now! :-) If only my senior pics were this ungoofy (or recent)... :-)

Lorie Ann Grover said...

Jolie! I love the photo and your blog. How fun to get to know you. :~) High school and now. What a sweet mom you have.

We use dry erase on the bathroom mirror to leave messages to each other. Easier to clean, maybe? Not as immediate though!

Anonymous said...

Great shot!
I want to see the Dynasty look. :)

holly cupala said...

Now, that's cute, Jolie! You look so mysterious, in a sprayed-wall-of-hair kind of way. I just posted mine!

Stephanie Perkins said...

Oh!! Your picture is so cute!

And I agree with beth jean -- I've seen bigger hair ;) My sister's bangs could have had their own zip code.

Anonymous said...

I am posting mine of Facebook for you!