Monday, October 20, 2008

The Writing's on the Wall (You and Me in the Shower, Part 2)

I've told you about the uber-cool Debra at The Vault. This is how cool she really is. On Friday I'm working away: making brilliant revision choices, no doubt. At that moment she had no customers, but was giggling behind the counter.

What--you might ask--was she doing? Reading Cuppa Jolie. See...

I feel right at home on the barista counter. Don't I look cozy back there?

Then Debra said, "I learn so much from reading your blog." Of course I laughed, because I'm thinking, What could she be learning? Really? But it's all more bonus points towards her uber-cool ranking.

Then Debra provided some great advice on my showering issues, adding even more bonus points.

Side note: Here's the thing (regarding my Me and You in the Shower Post). I know many of us have these brilliant ideas in the shower. In the car. You know, everywhere inconvenient for actual writing. I suppose with that writing the You and Me in the Shower post was me playing a bit. I know there are underwater tablets for scuba divers, but I don't ever see myself actually putting one in my shower.

Back to Debra...she passed on a suggestion that I think I just might use for emergencies. Using a tile pencil or china marker! They're inexpensive and they work. Look...

All right, the flash on the camera isnt' making this all that easy to read, but it says, "The writing's on the wall. Yay! Pick yourself up a china marker for the brilliant ideas that come in the shower." And yes, I did write that while showering.

The good: You can jot something down if necessary while showering, rescuing potential brilliance.

The bad: You need to find a fairly dry spot or else it doesn't write as well.

The good: You have to clean up the china marker which might make you clean your shower more often.

The bad: You have to clean your shower.

The good: It's fun!

The bad: You might not have enough hot water to shave your legs.

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Wyman Stewart said...

Don't do this while staying at the Bates Motel. You might be mistaken for a "Psycho". Especially if anyone hears you singing the old Blondie song "Rip Her To Shreds" for inspiration. You're scary!!! I'm outta hereeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!