Friday, October 31, 2008

Tricky Treats

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Halloween has me thinking...CANDY CORN! I believe you're either a candy corn person or you not? Which are you?--"I won't touch the triple-colored triangles." OR "I eat 'em 'til I'm sick."

I'm the second. But another question then has to be asked, "How do you eat them?" Pop the whole thing or eat it one color at a time. Again, if your answer is the second (mine is, typically), which end do you start with, the white or the yellow?

Shockingly, I have yet to eat one of the addictive buggers this Halloween. And I plan to stay away. Far, far away. (If you've already been popping them this Halloween season, skip the rest of this paragraph...just do.) So, I know they are full of sugary yumminess, and we all know sugary yumminess contains calories (empty ones) but still...Yum. Then I heard that only 10 of those little babies contain 70 calories. Who eats only 10? If you do, you're not normal. It just doesn't happen. They sit in a bowl on the counter and you pop 'em, then pop 'em some more...until you have a stomach ache and you tell yourself to stop, but then you don't because they have some crazy addictive factor and you eat them until they're gone or you are truly hurtin'. (Okay, maybe that's not you, but it's me.)

Although I love the nasty, little candies, I'm a purest. Do NOT give me ones with chocolate/brown on the bottom instead of the yellow. No way! Don't give me ones colored for a different holiday, like the white, red, and pink ones for Valentine's Day. Nope.

Although, I'd maybe consider one of these:

A Trick-or-Tini!

Yah! I'd consider.

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