Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Spoon Full of Teen Cheese Helps the Revision Go Down

A little teen cheese can tackle anything! Or, that’s what I’m telling myself after my slight revision meltdown last week.

I’m not sure if it was the time with my girls; watching a movie filled with cheesy charm; the popcorn/Junior Mints/Hot Tamales combination; or all of them combined, but I’m feeling ready to get to work tomorrow and wrap up the revision. (Thanks to all who sent encouragement.)

So the verdict on HSM3? Good fun! There’s nothing like being in a theater with lots of young kids. I would say girls, but there were plenty of boys there, too. A favorite theater moment was the Troy and Gabriella kiss, as many girls let out quiet giggles and I’m sure my own girlies cringed as they had to sit next to their mom and watch.

But I’m not a reviewer and would never try to be, so if you’d like a nice review of the flick, head over and read what my friend Cinemama has to say.

Before I dive back into the revision tomorrow, I’ll dive into my girlies, pizza, and probably some bad T.V. tonight.

But for now, here’s my eight-year-old girlie (just minutes ago) reading Wanted…Mud Blossom by Betsy Byars for school. I have to admit, this is great fun for me, certainly more fun than working through math homework (shocking…I know!). For now, she’s putting up with the fact that I want to do her homework too; reading the chapters once she finishes.

Of course I have visions (HSM3 didn’t help) of how all too quickly she and her little sister will be graduating high school, just like those Wildcat kids we’ve come to love (I will admit to having some lump-in-throat moments watching those red and white caps fly into the air).

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