Friday, October 10, 2008

More Dog Days, Robot Dreams, and a little something from Donald Maass

Carrying on with my dog theme from yesterday...

Another original from my eight-year-old girlie
(excuse my inability to scan without leaving page edges)

This is a good depiction of my state-of-mind today... at home, but content (just like Muffin). No school for the kiddos today, so I'm working from home. That means I’m getting less done (lots less as far as revising goes), the laundry is talking to me (plus I’m listening), and I ate icecream.

I gave a recommendation yesterday for ROBOT DREAMS by Sara Varon. Today, I must add that it has now been enjoyed by three generations in my house. Not only did my eight-year-old girlie love it, but so did my mom. It even generated nice bit of discussion.

Before I get back to revisions (I fear I’m getting behind, really) I want to share a find that came Straight from Hel (that’s fun to say). Helen pointed out that Donald Maass is offering a free download of his book, THE CAREER NOVELIST: A Literary Agent Offers Strategies for Success. How great is that? You can get it HERE.

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