Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bring It On...Summer Revision Smackdown

Ah...the lure of licorice. We knew it was strong, but it's bringing you out in droves. Yow-yow!

If you've already declared your participation here on Cuppa Jolie or on Holly's blog, make sure to find us on Facebook ,too (if you haven't already). But if you haven't let us know you want to join in yet, it's not too late, please tell us your goals here or here.
So, I've already started my journey and have been busy at work. Even sometimes working when I'd rather not be, like when I'm taking my girlies to school. It's not like you can tell your brain..."Hey, knock that off. I can't do this right now." I mean, if you started jonesin' for jog but you were in the middle making dinner, you could always put it off until later. But when your brain is writing, even though you don't have pen and pad, too bad. That's how my morning went. And the thoughts were coming like crazy. I continually repeated key words over and over in my head so that I would forget. Whee!

Okay, time to declare my own goals. But I'm feeling chatty (ah, so many friends!) and I thought I'd tell you why I personally needed this wherplash so desperately--it's too easy to WASTE TIME! Right? It's like when you're trying to make good food choices so you keep a food journal. It makes you accountable, especially if you have to show it to a dietitian or personal trainer--you must list the good and the bad. Creating this public lashing forces me to make "healthy" writing choices, meaning Facebook, Twitter, and emailing are the equivalent of candy, ice cream, and cookies. Yes? Yes. I can tell it's already going be a huge aide.

I will out myself right now...I had ice cream at dinner (literally ice cream, not a Twitter session).

*Finish revision of my young adult novel (this will mean working through about 40 pages/week).
*Outline 3-5 chapters a week of my work-in-progress (yes, I know that this is not revision, but it's the accountability I want to make you rule-breakers feel better).

Let's let the licorice fly!

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C. N. Nevets said...

Mmm.... Licorice flies. What a wonderful world that would be.