Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Moment #19

I'm so very late in posting this, my 19th Monday Moment. But all with good reason.

I've been away for the weekend feeding my genius! (I promise to post about the conference tomorrow.)

It was a rather long trip home last night with the closure of the Hood Canal Bridge. Travel required a ride, a big ferry, a bus, a little ferry, another bus, and one more ride. I made it home a bit tired and not at all feeling well. But, I have to say, I was welcomed with huge, enthusiastic love.

My pup (Luna) started tearing around the house and when her excitement over me being home became too much, she ran and leaped up onto the couch. However she didn't stop there, no big love would. She continue up onto the back of the couch and superdogged through the three large candlesticks on the table behind the couch, as if she was a fuzzy bowling ball. Let's just say she got a strike. The candlesticks went crashing into the wall (taking chunks out, I might add) and Luna went rolling off the table, falling into my daughters' empty laundry basket (which happened to be sitting right there) until she they both tipped over and I could scoop her up. Ahh...the love!

We all do crazy things for love, no?

Describe an action, reaction, or thought your character has about something or someone they love.


Robin Gaphni said...

Hey Jolie,
It was nice to officially meet you at the conference. I look forward to seeing you at other SCBWI events!

Kirby Larson said...

I love your Monday Moment about love. You have such great ideas, Jolie.

Even when you're not Tweeting.