Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday Moment #20

Before I get to today's Monday Moment #20 (I can't believe we're at 20), a couple of things:

Stay tuned for BIG stuff (okay, big for me because I need it!) Holly and I will be announcing this...

Oh yah! That's right, SMACKDOWN--licorice style. If you're living with revision angst like Holly and me, then we hope you'll join us. We'll tell you more soon--real soon! Promise.

Also, my guess is that many won't be reading today. I'm even getting to this post later in the morning, it being a holiday weekend and all. And it's a gorgeous, sunny weekend here in Seattle at that--a real treat.

So on this Memorial Day weekend, I just want to send my respects to those soldiers (and their families) who've lost their lives so that I can enjoy this beautiful weekend with my family.

Onto Monday Moment #20.

This long holiday weekend has me thinking food! Because what long weekend doesn't involve some food love?

I was reminded last night how powerful taste and smell memories are. After a homemade spaghetti and meatball feast (a favorite for this Italian family) we had Family Movie Night, which included popcorn and candy. Hubby did the shopping with the girlies and they brought home Sour Patch Kids--love them! And the second I went to open that bag of sour yumminess, I felt that twinge in the back of my jaw and my mouth started to water--sour style. I hadn't yet touch the candy to my tongue, but it was reacting--all taste memory. Fascinating, no?

Taste and smell are often the senses left out of our writing. Don't leave it out today.

Describe a taste/smell experience or memory your character has.


Kim Baker said...

Yay! I need a revision smackdown! I need to make some big changes, and I need to start giving myself some firm deadlines.

holly cupala said...

Yes! Kim's on board! I can't wait to make the official announcement. Soon!