Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Moments #18

This morning I have pets on the brain (a particular puppy to be exact).

Yesterday was a full day: Mother's Day, my husband's birthday, packing for a big trip for my girlies, and then there was Luna. I think Luna might have had the biggest day of all.

Ah, look at her. She's now 5 months old. They grow so fast.

So, we went for a long walk yesterday, down to the beach (a family and Luna favorite)! But check out that fur. Everything, and I mean everything (except for the good stuff, like money and jewelry) sticks to it and in it. The girl needed a bath when we got home--big time. We scrubbed that fluffy thing down to pure scrawniness (she's so petite under all that fur). The pup has so much fluff we have to literally wring her out before taking her out of the tub. But the story is not in the bath, it was the after part. As we toweled her off, I noticed blood--on her CLEAN, white fur! She was losing a tooth (a sweet, sharp, little puppy tooth)!

And another...

And another...

And another...

A total of four teeth. So, straight out of the bath, she was a bloody mess--a bit tramatic, I must tell you.

We recovered and moved onto birthday party-ness. Surely, the puppy part of this story should be over. But as the cousin's all gathered to put on a little show (and all attention was diverted away from the table), Uncle Todd shouted out, "Hey!"

There was Luna, up on a chair, face in my homemade carrot cake! (You can see that hubby doesn't get fancy looking cakes like the girls, just plain delicious.)

Thank goodness Uncle Todd noticed the cake theft action or we may have lost more than a corner!

So after all that puppy business, and having just finished reading THE HIGHER POWER OF LUCKY to my girlies, I was thinking about pets in books. Two dogs play very key roles in Lucky's story (Short Sammy's dog who has an unfortunate run-in with snake and HMS Beagle). Both dogs are characters in the book. Both dogs play key roles in the story.

Does the pet(s) in you story have a it part of a scene(s) rather than scenery?


C. N. Nevets said...

Another interesting question, Jolie, prompting another odd self-revelation about my writing.

Apart from one MC who had fish and a couple cowboys who rode horses, there are no pets in anything I've ever written. Ever. And that's a little weird considering that I've had pets and been around animals all my life.

Hmm. I wonder why they never enter my writing? If they're an important part of my own life, why aren't they in my characters' lives?

Kirby Larson said...

Perfect timing for me, Jolie. Facing major revision -- I mean MAJOR -- but your post made me pause. . . and make at least one decision:

The cat in the book stays. He's one of my favorite characters.

lkmadigan said...


What a funny little muffin!

The dog in my book pads through several scenes, but never steals them. He's mostly there as pure hairy love.