Friday, May 1, 2009

Tickets Booked, Real Life, Crow, and Celebration

I just booked my flight to LA for the SCBWI conference! Woo-hoo! Tag, your it. (Seattle friends, there are some great fares out there right now.) Need some more convincing? Fellow SCBWI Team Blog member, Suzanne Young, just posted her first Friday Temptation: SCBWI LA 2009. Each Friday Suzanne will be giving you lots of reasons to make sure you join in the fun (or to see what you can look forward to).

Man, I’ve missed this place. It’s so nice to be back blogging, writing, and in touch with friends. I’ve actually posted every day this week. How ‘bout that?

The writing has been interesting (the fact that it's been happening is most important). But, it's had me thinking about writer's block (I’ll post about it some time later) and stamina (the writerly kind). But, it is nice to know, that when you’re ready to get back to work, you can get there.

But getting to the writing has not been easy this week with all the sunshine we’ve been having here in Seattle. So today, after I got some needed screen time with my computer, I took the rest of the day out of doors. Oh yes I did! I was encouraged by BAM (Blogging Alternatives in May). Check out what LK Madigan has going on—a contest. I love me a good contest. Now, I won't stop blogging, but I will join in the fun by posting about my Real Life (photos included...except for today. Read on).

So, today I left The Vault (and my laptop) behind to dive into some Real Life stuff. (Man, why do I always forget the camera?) I quite honestly live in one of the most beautiful places. Since the sun was shining, I grabbed my writing bag—sans laptop—and headed to downtown Port Townsend. I picked up some Thai takeout, a bubble tea (haven’t had one of those in long while) and plopped down at one of the waterfront parks. I enjoyed my lunch, the view, and did a little writing with my pencil—of all things! And while I was there, a crow talked to me. Really, I swear it did. Not just in its big kaw-kaw way, but with a much softer, almost cat-like croon (sweet, soft and friendly). I’ve never heard such a soft sound come out of crow. It’s was lovely, unlike the time a crow took off from atop a stop sign and whacked me in the head!

And finally, a very happy anniversary to my Mom and Pops on this beautiful May Day.

How cute are they?

Then tomorrow, it’s time for my sweet eight-year-old girlie to turn into a nine-year-old girlie. *sigh*

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lkmadigan said...

I can't wait to see your Real Life adventures! Thanks for the link.