Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Moment #17

I was way busy with Real Life this weekend.

I threw a ninth birthday party for my oldest girlie and I made her a crazy cake. Just like my own mom, I make my girls their cakes each year based on what they ask for. It's not always easy, but I do my best. The request for this nine-year-old girlie's cake was a silly cake covered in white frosting and then scribbled all over with lots of colors of frosting. Okay. That's not one I expected, but I had to come up with something.

Here goes...

I went BIG! And it was a hit. A silly cake, for sure, literally exploding with color.

But that's not all that was exploding this weekend. More Real Life for me...

Oh yah! There's Mt. Clothesmore. Remember it? Not only did the girls have one in their room, but I had one in mine. (Airing my dirty laundry, I guess.) So, yesterday it was time to get that laundry mountain reduced to ant hill size again (at least for a couple of days).

This brings me to this week's Monday peeves. You know, those little ones. The kind that when they really get under your skin, enough to make you want to lose it (even just a little), probably have way more to do with something far bigger. So, what's one of mine? Of course it's tied to laundry. It truly makes me crazy when my hubby (love you, Babe) drops his dirty clothes so close to the hamper that they're touching it (or almost touching it) but it doesn't make it in, like he can't lean over an inch or two more to hit the target. Grrr! Now this can bother me (peeve me) in an everyday way, but if I'm irritated about some bigger issue, and then have to encounter this smaller one. Double Grrr!

What is one of your character's pet peeves and what bigger issue might it highlight in your story? off to fold!


Kjersten said...

That cake is amazing, Jolie!

C. N. Nevets said...

My wife would be shocked to hear of your husband's sloppiness in this regard, I assure you. (looking around, whistling innocently)

As far as my characters, this an interesting question that I'm not sure I've ever addressed quite that explicitly. In fact, approaching it that directly may help me tighten up an MC that I've been trying to add the right edge to. I've made it clear that she's upset about some things, but I haven't really dealt with it as a "pet peeve." That may just be the spark I was looking for!



Stephanie Perkins said...

Oh my WORD. That cake is awesome! Seriously the best birthday cake I've seen in ages :)

Cuppa Jolie said...

Kjersten and Steph... Thanks! I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I was really happy with. It was a lot of fun and her face when she first saw it was priceless! Gotta love that. :)

Nevets...yah, this touching the laundry basket syndrome seems to run rampant in hubbies! So glad that Moment 17 provided a spark! Hope it lights a big (and helpful) fire!

Wyman Stewart said...

That's quite a cake! Never seen one like it before. Wow!!! It does simply explode with color.

Martha Brockenbrough said...

For my birthday, I want a cake made out of laundry. xoxo