Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Moment #21

The Seattle weather has been Un.Be.Leeeev.Able!

There was no way I was going to spend it on inside activities or chores. So, I took both the activity and the chore parts of my life outdoors for the weekend. (I hope that my children have some clean clothes to wear to school this week!)

I spent the majority of my time working in my garden--hard, back-breaking, yet therapeutic work. Oh, and chasing the puppy around the yard as she went from cream colored to dirt-black very quickly and also discovered she loves the sprinkler. But much of my time was spent bent over, bum in the air. What I didn't realize was that, just like plumbers, my waist band lowered and my shirt lifted exposing my back (not my crack...thankfully). I ended up with about a one inch wide strip of sunburn on my low lumbar right where girls like to put tats of butterflies and know the spot.

I love thinking about how the description of my sunburn strip is a great way to "show" that I spend time in my garden, that the weather is sunny in Seattle, and that I don't put sunscreen on my backside.

How does an event or activity leave it's mark on your character?


BJW said...

Five steps into the dog park and I'm already sporting four muddy dog prints on my shorts/pants. Always right in the crotch too. Nothing like going to the store afterwards looking like you just wet your pants. Or foolishly attempted to cross the Iditarod trail. Or volunteered as a dog ladder. Or have become your dog's doormat.

Wait, that last one happens to be true.

So yeah, dog prints, dirt, and misfortunately placed wet fabric.

Michèle Griskey said...

Speaking of pets...
My office buddy (a co-dependent cat named Scruff) has a fluffy white belly. Now, I wear black more often than I want to admit. The result: I'm always wearing Scruff fur wherever I go.