Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Moment #24

Ah, Father's Day. It put me a bit behind schedule. I typically try to pre-post my Monday Moments so that they are available first thing...for all you up-and-at-'em-go getters. However, yesterday I tried to stay away from my computer as much as possible. You see, for some reason, my husband often thinks I love it more than him. Poor fella. I felt for Father's Day I would only use the computer for absolute musts and nothing more.

It's fitting that today's Monday Moment comes straight from Father's Day and a sweet kiddo.

I love that my girlies would much rather create gifts and cards than buy them. Really, it's nothing I've encouraged, but what they do and who they are--and quite sweet. And, really...have you seen the price of cards lately? Plus, the ones they make are always soooo much more special. Anyway, my seven-year-old girlie also really wanted to bake something. She loves to work in kitchen. Her choice--brownies. Yum!

When it was time, she went into the kitchen, put on her apron, and was ready to work. But this time around, I tried to keep my hands out of the work as much as possible. She read every direction, retrieved each ingredient and measuring tool, and put it all together. At one point she asked, "Mommy, why aren't you helping?" I told her it was her gift and I knew she could do it herself. Then she asked, "Even putting it in and taking it out of the oven?" I told her I thought she was ready. I stood back and watched her hard at work. I could tell she was proud. And I was proud of her. She cracked an egg like a pro, mixed it all up, and the only help she required was a little extra muscle to hold up the bowl while she scraped every bit of brownie batter should could into the pan. Not only that, but when she was done, she washed, dried, put away her dishes. Impressive, eh?

It was very cool. Sometimes as a mom it's harder to step back and let a kiddo go at it alone, but when they do, you can see the pride. I know it in the face she makes, licking her lips, as she tries to hide a smile.

But we all have these moments, as kids, teen, and adults. The moments of doing something for the first time completely on our own. It can be exciting and scary all at once. And I suppose, depending on the situation, the outcome positive or negative.

Describe an experience your character has when doing something on their own for the first time.


BJW said...

For the record,

I love your monday moments. I look forward to them. And Yes, I'm a dork.

Cuppa Jolie said...

Ben...what are you saying? Only dorks look forward to my Monday Moments? Huh? :)

I'm glad you do...that makes my day!

BJW said...

NO! Just this dork. : )

BJW said...

Actually on topic for once:

My 12 yr old character is set up on a "date" on the make-out-wheel, aka the ferris wheel, with a girl (Elizabeth Peppercorn) for the first time. He'd never so much as talked to a girl before this. Everything involving this subject had been theoretical up to this point.

This first for my character brought to you by Cuppa Jolie's Monday Moment #24. Thank you Jolie.

Vivian Mahoney said...

I love your Monday Moments, too! You're great, letting your girls have independence with the cooking. My kitchen is so small, it drives me crazy when my children want to help in the kitchen. One of these days, I need to let go. Thanks for the reminder.

Good luck with your story, Ben!

Emilie said...

My book is all about the main character leaving home, which means doing a lot of things for herself that she never thought about. One of the most important things, ironically enough, is learning to ask for help when she's at the end of her rope. It doesn't compromise her indepenence, but she learns the true value of those who help her and that makes a huge difference in her life.

Great question, Jolie, as all your Monday Moments are. Dork or not, I also look forward to them:)

Cuppa Jolie said...

Thanks, Vivian! It's much appreciated.

However, I can't say I'm always so willing to let the girlies go for it. But on Father's Day it felt particularly important. Most other days I tend to be overly in controling (mostly wanting to avoid messes and save know)!

Cuppa Jolie said...

Ben...oh, a first kiss on the make-out wheel! Love it! Talk about an exciting and scary first--plus, ferris wheels have always sort of freaked me out.

Emilie...thanks! I'm so glad you look forward to them. And asking for help, for someone who doesn't know how...big stuff!