Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SRS Candy Buzz: Progress (or Procrastination) Posts

Productive Procrastination? Could there be such a thing? I'd like to think there might be.

A few of you chimed in about the ways you procrastinate over at Holly's yesterday. So I was thinking about ways we might be able to help each other through while getting in just a wee bit of procrastination. Sound good?

When Holly and I were doing our 5K days, one thing that helped us through was posting comments throughout the day. I'd have a comment pop up that would say something like, "I just hit two thousand." We'd go back and forth like that through the writing day and it pushed us along. It also provides a little break (or a wee bit of procrastination)...that chance to check your inbox or the comments section of the post to see how others are doing. And to report how you're doing, which makes you actually do something! Right?

Want to play along? Check in here by leaving comments throughout the day on your progress. I'll make the first.

Blog note: Paula Yoo has a fun post on the progress she made yesterday over at Write Like You Mean It. Let us know if you make post related to the smackdown on your blog.


Cuppa Jolie said...

I've obviously procrastinated by making this post. Desperation, perhaps?

First goal of the day. Finish chapter 5. This a brand new chapter I'm adding and I need to finish writing it plus clean it up a bit.


Martha Brockenbrough said...

I have to get through my actual day job first (well, technically, I cheated and wrote 500 words before 6 a.m.). Right now, I am procrastinating here, because the article I'm writing for my day job sucks. Does anyone else procrastinate more when the going is rough?

Cuppa Jolie said...

That's a cool and wonderful cheat, Martha. You do mean 500 words for you SRS?

So, I challenge you...get through the day job (and quick) and join me.

And yes, procrastination is fantastic when the going gets rough.

Mindy Hardwick said...

Ah...blogging--a great procrastination--I just posted on my blog about revision while I think about where to go in my next scene.

Anonymous said...

Having trouble focusing on the revisions, what with Son3 moaning on the couch behind me. He didn't get the memo about scheduling all illnesses for after revisions are complete. I'll have to get my work time in later when he's sleeping.

Michèle Griskey said...

I'm taking a procrastination break from both my day job and my writing. I've been grading Power Point Presentations all morning. My thoughts are all fuzzy.

The temptation to procrastinate more does occur when I am facing big challenges. As I wrote in Holly's blog, this is when I start thinking of chores I MUST do. :)

Cuppa Jolie said... you've got me. I'll have to go over and read. BECAUSE I'M PROCRASTINATING.

Shari...that's tough when you don't get the time you expected to get.

I've made it though chapter five, but realize now that I broke it into two chapters and now must get through chapter six which is where the big work needs to be done.

Cuppa Jolie said...

Okay...time's up for me (at least for now). I didn't quite get through chapter six, but will try to finish once I'm home with the kids.

BJW said...

I managed to put music on my blog. Does NOTHING for my goals. Phew.

Have been sticking to my sleep schedule and writing schedule so far. First day was brilliant. Last two days have been as muggy as the weather.

Ok, back to work for now. Thanks for the encouragement and "true confessions".

Cuppa Jolie said...

Thanks for the NEW procrastination idea, Ben. Music on the blog...sheesh!

Okay, I'm off to go set up the slip and slide to keep the kids busy and then I can finish chapter six.

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

i am procrastinating by commenting.

Paula Yoo said...

I procrastinate by watching Food TV all the time and then going to the kitchen to try to make whatever I saw on TV! :) Today however I was a good girl and revised Cp. 2 of the adult novel. Now tonight is devoted to first draft stuff. Is anyone simultaneously revising one project while brainstorming or writing a first draft of a different project? How do you handle not freaking out? Me, I go watch Food TV. Hmmm. (Paula grabs the remote control...)

holly cupala said...

Paula, that sounds like FUN procrastination to me (a lot better than cleaning bathrooms, lol). I often fantasize about baking delicacies that just can't be made without wheat (I'm gluten-free, myself).

BJW said...

All righty,

Here's my official progress post:

Thank you all very much for the great motivation. It really helps.

Kjersten said...

Seriously, I kicked butt with my revision this week because I was procrastinating on a bunch of other work that seemed less fun by doing what? Revising.

I'm not sure if procrastination is usually so productive for me, but whatever, I like the permission that you all allowed me to give myself to work on what I most wanted and procrastinate on the other stuff.

BJW said...

now that's a great idea Kjersten. Procrastinate on OTHER stuff. Now I just need to switch my brain around. Good idea.