Monday, June 22, 2009

SRS Whip of the Week #4

How can that be? How can we be in our final week of Summer Revision Smackdown 2009? (Well, stayed tunes for breaking details.)

It's been great to see that, although it seemed to be a quiet week around the smackdown, many of you were hard at work and making progress. Just what we like to hear. Holly and I also noticed how eager you all are to meet your original goals and your plans for an all out run to the finish line to make it happen. We can already hear the crack of the whip in the air as you all gear up for the final stretch...a sprint to the finish line (just imagine the sweet victory as you break through the licorice tape, hands in the air, triumphant)!

Keep it up!

Now to Whip of the Week. Let's start with our Honorable Mentions:

Lisa L. Owens, who cracked the code to meeting her original goal and is diving into a total rewrite. Right on, Lisa!

Alison, who has been doing well with her revision goals despite vacation, work, and a new arrival in 4 weeks--yes, a baby. Amazing, Alison!

Shari Green has not only been meeting her revision goals but had a "lovely little plot epiphany" as a result of banging her head against her keyboard. Thanks for the revision tip, Shari (even though we may have red foreheads)!

Instead of drum roll, how about a big, rolling wherplash to announce this week's Whip which goes to...

Here's what llt said about week 3:

This week has probably been my best. After receiving a very helpful critique at a SCBWI Conference last Saturday, I sat down with my plans all sketched out. I listened to the editor and began my WIP with my female MC and not the male MC. Then I revised the first 50 pages, moving and removing, putting back in some mystery and revving up the conflict.

With my second WIP I took some advice from this blog and got out a stack of index cards and outlined each chapter. It felt so good to be organized and to see everything sketched out in front of me. I went in and revised forty-five pages with the help of my new card system.

This smackdown has really helped me keep my focus on organizing, revising and writing in general. Paired with the conference, I feel my creativity mojo has been enhanced and I'm determined to finish both works by the end of August.So I thank you ladies for the good swift shove I needed to remain on track:)

You are so very welcome, llt!

The fact that this little venture of ours has been helpful (we so appreciate your appreciation) has our writerly hearts soaring over the smackdown rainbow! And so many of you have asked, Can you keep the Smackdown going? And we're taking your request seriously. Stayed tuned for future info about Summer Revison Smackdown!


Anonymous said...

Yay llt! Way to go! And three cheers for all the smackdown revisers! :D

Thanks so much for the honorable mention. It's so great to have y'all crackin' the whip and cheering us on.

BJW said...

Great job illt! And the runner-ups and all the smackdowners. Jolie and Holly, you guys have been a great encouragement to a bunch of us. Thank you. And if you keep it going, sweet, if not, thank you still, very much.

It's made a lonely endeavor feel that much less lonely. And been a great time waster when I needed that too!

Cuppa Jolie said...

Shari - your welcome! You deserved it!

Ben - I'm happy to be used as time waster...but hopefully also a time user! It is so much better going through the process with friends and encouragement!

BJW said...

It's been a great time user, a HUGE motivator! I love the smackdown and it is INCREDIBLY helpful.

I only meant me getting sidetracked on my "breaks" and wandering aimlessly through the blogosphere checking out cool blogs, especially the other smackdowners when my "break" has long since passed. The smackdown itself is more righteous than Mother Theresa and more helpful than penicillin. I swear by it!

The smackdown coincided with a personal realization that I need to really get this story going this summer, if not a new draft finished. To me it has been serendipitous and fortuitous. And good company! Thank you again. : )

Vivian Mahoney said...

I keep getting derailed with family stuff and a new manuscript I couldn't help starting. Let's keep this Smackdown going!