Friday, June 5, 2009

SRS Whip-Snapper: Ben Watson

I had to share this one with all of you smackdowners.
Ben Watson has a great and fun post...My Summer Revision Progress.
I have to tell you, Ben grew up here in Port Townsend where I live. I used to walk into his dad's gallery and bug him about his novel. "How's it going, Ben. You working on it?..." Now he lives up in Canada with his adorable wife and pup, so I can't bug him as much anymore. But the smackdown has given me great opportunity to do it again! Some of you may be familiar with his too-nice-to-be-real-but-they-are family--The Watsons. Richard Jesse Watson is his dad and Jesse Joshua Watson is his brother. I swear I have yet to meet a Watson I didn't like. They're just jammed full of talent of niceness. But as you'll see from Ben's post, he somehow missed the drawing gene. How'd that happen, Ben?
If you post about the Smackdown or your progress, be sure to leave a link to it in one of our comments. I know Holly and I will want to check it out and so will your fellow Whip-Snappers! That said, still be sure to post this week's report over at Holly's today or tomorrow.


BJW said...

Aww shucks. You should see our fights. My brother and I lived together for a year during college in San Diego. Too many roosters in the same coop.

Thanks Jolie, coming from one of the coolest nicest people to pick up a pen, I think the lady doth compliment too much!

Ok back to work, and I do miss your stylish clip, clip, clip, clip, steps down the hallway and up the stairs to the gallery to guilt me into writing with your brutal niceness (ok, it's all carpeted but still, if it wasn't you'd have sounded like that). You've been a great encouragement to a lot of writers Jolie. Now, no more blogging today for me. If I do, everybody can whip me off the internet.

Vivian Mahoney said...

I'm going over there right now!

Hope you had a productive writing week!

jesse joshua watson said...

We likes us some Jolie around these parts!

holly cupala said...

Great news from Ben! He's an encouragement to all of the smackdowners. I'm always amazed by that talented and gracious Watson family.