Friday, August 14, 2009

Answering Your Conference Questions (or more like Ben Watson's questions)

I didn't have a lot of takers on the questions, but I said I'd get them answered, and I did!

This one's for you Ben Watson!


BJW said...

HA! This is awesome in so many ways. First the next time I'm at the LA conference I'm having the Lisa Yee! Sophisticated and sassy, with a heavy dose of talent.

And Jaime T making a cameo to out Dan's bawdy piano dancing? Looking good Jaime! Lisa Yee too in the background.

And Dan. What a guy. Talent up the yin-yang and he is still incredibly nice. And funny, OBVIOUSLY. I'm excited about their new book.

And our fearless reporter, Mrs. Cuppa Jolie. Great job Jolie, you are hilarious and fun. And a damn fine writer. There, I said it. It's bloody true! Great bloggist, reporter and shopper, apparently. A few days ago I emailed Martha with a question, thinking she was back, and she said you and Sara were shopping, Jaime T was looking at funny cards, and Martha was emailing. So perfectly being yourselves basically.

holly cupala said...

Ginger ale = tasty, except when it comes in contact with certain passages unfit for liquids meant to go throatward. It's all your fault, BEN!

Lisa Yee said...

Wow, I never knew that my drink could have such an effect/affect on a person!

BJW said...

thank you, thank you...

And perhaps a hankie for your nose/ginger-ale faucet?

Cuppa Jolie said... glad you enjoyed.

Dan...hey! What a guy.

Lisa, such a great sport. :)

But really, I think we all should go to LA next year and raise a glass of YL! Cha-ching!