Thursday, August 6, 2009

The True Countdown

I'm here! I've landed. That makes me a happy Cuppa! It's already going too fast.

The true countdown is on, because tomorrow morning Lin Oliver and Steven Mooser will welcome 1150 people (that's right!) to 38th annual summer conference.

SCBWI Team Blog has met, had a dress rehearsal, and we're ready to let our fingers fly. Can't you tell...

This pic is swiped from fellow team member Paula Yoo. But here we all are...warming up. Alice Pope had us doing finger stretches to get ready.

The day was a bit frustrating with all the Twitter hacking business going on. My phone didn't want to connect until the end of the day.

But I've had a chance to chat with some great people, including the two Dans: Dan Santat and Dan Yaccarino, as well as Anica Rissi, Senior Editor at Simon Pulse.

Plus, I had a moment with the marvelous Karen Cushman. Check out my pre-conference interview with her HERE.

A fab start (except for my inablity to be photogenic).
AND!!!!!!!!!!! If you have any quesitons, comment HERE.

Be here at 9:00 am pac time as it all kicks off! The official conference blog is HERE.


Sara Easterly said...

Lookin' pretty photogenic to me, missy!

BJW said...

Me too! Only a billion more times photogenic than moi.