Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Moments #34

Yup, we've all had those moments. A big WHOOPS. Didn't mean to do that. Of course, I've had my own, but why embarrass myself when I can tell you of a complete strangers red-faced moment.

Yesterday, as I returned to my side of the water via ferry boat, I took a kiddo to use the restroom. As I typically do, I hovered by the sink, waiting for kiddo to emerge from the stall. Now, it never shocks me to see a boy come out from stall (typically in the hand of his mom) but yesterday I did a double take.

It went like this:

Stall door opens. Child, approximately 11 or 12 walks out. I'm immediately struck at how androgynous said child is. Shoulder-length, blond hair, a pretty face, but dressed more boy-like than girl-like. I assumed said child was a girl since I was certain I walked into the restroom labeled WOMEN. But then said child's face scrunched at the sight of me and I heard, "Oh man. I didn't just walk in the wrong one." Ouch. My heart kind of sunk for him. Although not a big deal for me (I would have still thought he was she if he hadn't said something), I'm sure he felt embarrassed and his pace picked up as soon as he hit the exit.

Any embarrassing WHOOPS incidents in your characters story? (One more way to inflict a bit of ouch!)


Yat-Yee said...

My 13-y o mc falls off the bench the first time she meets the boy who's caught her breath. He introduces himself, hands her a stack of paper, she reaches for it and falls off the bench.

Sherrie Petersen said...

Donna Gephart had a great session on writing funny at SCBWI-LA and #3 on her list was "Mine your embarrassment." I've been going back through my story and trying to do that because it really works!

BJW said...

Not nearly as many as the character writing my characters.