Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You Tell Me...What Do You Want to Know?

The countdown is on...almost's about time for take off!

Tomorrow morning, baby!
I'm so looking forward to it. And, to hopefully seeing YOU! If you haven't let me know that you're going to be there, let me know in the comments.
For those of you who can't attend (this year), well, I'll do my best (along with the rest of the Team Blog crew) to bring the conference to you. Hey, and you get to attend in your jammies with a bowl of ice cream in your hands. Get us all bookmarked, especially The Official SCBWI Conference Blog so you don't miss a second.
So, tell me...what do you want to know? Is there a particular faculty member you wish you could see/hear? If so, would you be dying to raise your hand and ask a particular question? Or perhaps you have a question that might be directed at any of the faculty, craft or marketing related? Or maybe you just want to know the best drink to order at the lounge. Let me know. I'll do my best to get an answer and post it here.

SCBWI Team Blog has a couple more fab interviews. Don't miss Kathleen Duey at Alice's CWIM Blog and an interview like no other with Dan Yaccarino at Jaime's Cocoastomp.
(I'll take question starting now and all through the conference.)


Jaime Temairik said...

I want to know what the best drink at the bar is, please. And if you see any non-children's book celebrities.

BJW said...

I want to know who makes the biggest fool of themselves at said bar, since I won't be there to provide that service.

And isn't it the blue moon ball? Will there be any streakers? or is that just false advertising?

And lastly (for now), I'd like you to ask Dan Santat which was his favorite costume at the comic con.