Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Behind the Brick

If you missed it, I dealt with a bit of mystery while I attempted to meet my world count goal on Friday.

I could not stop thinking about what could be behind that brick. Clearly something was back there.

Put yourself in my seat. I was there, alone, in this busy coffee shop. Who randomly pulls a brick from the wall? Not me! I wanted to, but I felt uncomfortable doing it. I knew if I had friends there with mem I could, but I couldn't sitting there all by myself.

BUT, I DID HAVE FRIENDS. That was the cool thing. Just like this whole business of making writing goals and meeting up each day to support each other; it helps you get it done. On Friday I needed you to say, "Do it!" And you did. You had my back and were in it with me. I had to pull the brick, I just had to.

Now, I wish I could say I found some long-lost mystery or a stash of cash, but we all know that didn't happen (or at least I do). But here is what did happen (Sorry the video is sideways. It wasn't when I taped in on my phone but that's how it uploaded on YouTube.)

Take a look-see:

So, yeah, I know...not all that exciting. But at least we know, right?

Obviously, object number one was the devilish rubber ducky, but item two was more questionable. It came rolling out as soon as I removed the brick. I think it was a really old orange...I think. It was small and hard and brownish and I think a bit moldy. I really didn't want to touch it so much.

I put them back in, replaced the brick, and left. I've wondered if I (or we) should add something in there.

What do you think?

On a working/goal note: Today's been teaching, getting cleaned/dolled up, because I forgot I had to go to a bridal shower luncheon...which means I still need to go get a gift.

Day gone.

BUT...you should be working and I'm sure you ARE WORKING.

Feel free to check in here, I'll still be seeing what your up to and maybe attempt to sneak in my own work here and there.


Yat-Yee said...

not too productive, between the nap that I didn't know I had to take and having to rush to school to bring home a sick kid who complained of his need to throw up. Just over 300 words.

The rubber ducky and old orange in the brick wall reminded me of Boo Radley leaving little things for Scout and Jem.

Molly Hall said...

That video was hilarious. Especially the utter silence... That totally added to the secrecy and drama, like you were Sydney Bristow, transmitting your secret spy reconnaissance to the CIA. Love it!
I think you should slip something better in there. We used to go to a cute coffee shop where there was a miniature mailbox. We wrote, "May your day be blessed" on a tiny piece of paper, rolled it up, and slipped it in there. Someone found it! So... you know. You could make someone's day. : )

Kelly H-Y said...

That is hilarious ... I totally would have wanted to check behind the brick too. I'm glad you did! :-)

Tara McClendon said...

That's fun. I would've totally pulled the brick.

Anonymous said...

I believe I would have left a note telling what you were doing there and what you saw that made you move the brick and asking whomever to leave a note for you to find later. Kinda like a note in a bottle?

Cuppa Jolie said...

Molly - I was so trying to be incognito. There was only a couple of people around and I like to thing no one noticed my stealth moves.

I am thinking about putting something behind the brick. I might have to write a post to get some suggestions. I do have one idea. Hmm...

stay tuned