Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crack Your W-I-P: Time for some catch-up!

Hey there, my bright, shiny, and productive friends. I totally missed you yesterday. (Did you notice I wasn't around the Internets?)

I did not feel well AT ALL. AT ALL! But I'm feeling better now, a bit tired maybe, but better. And I returned to Cuppa to see I have 99 followers. Really!?! Hey, that means I'm one away from hitting three digits. That's so cool. Who will it be? Who will be magic number 100?

Did any of you make your way over to the lovely Laini's blog to plug your name in the Mr. Linky and add your weekly goal. She has a great post in which she talks about zero drafts. I like this concept. Go see what she has to say about it.

I think this whole idea of the zero draft is one I'm struggling with because the start of my W-I-P is in pretty good shape since it is being seen by eyes that need it to be so. So, as I move forward, needing to let the work (right now) be of zero-draft quality, I struggle because I want it to match up to those beginning pages. So, I say to myself, "Let it go, Jolie. Let it go. Just write the zero." (Thank you, Laini!)

Tell me what you're up to today! My goal is to be okay with zero-draft quality and just write, write, write. I'll check in with where that's getting me with word count.


Martha Brockenbrough said...

I've tried the zero draft thing and it doesn't work super well for me. I get a lot of anxiety about knowing whether my story will work. So I do a synopsis first, starting with a one-liner, and building and building.

I interviewed a screenwriter/director earlier in the week and he said if your story works at postage stamp size, you can blow it up to billboard size.

This really resonated with me.

Anyhoo, I spent about a month writing a synopsis--definite zero-draft quality.

I'm now in the writing phase and having a great time. Hit 11,000 words this morning; I'm shooting for a 90,000 word MS (this is for the adult market, so it's a little longer). I did have to remind myself when I was mulling how to get into a scene that I could always change my mind later. That helped me get cranking.

My daily word-count goal remains low--500. It's nice to be able to beat that regularly, and it makes me feel like I'm making great progress. So that's another thing I've learned. Set an attainable goal and celebrate, rather than setting a huge one and feeling like the progress somehow doesn't count.

xo, everyone!

Jackee said...

Lucky 100, whoever you are. In fact, we're all lucky to be here on your blog.

I love Laini's zero draft (or exploratory draft) philosophy and am really trying to do it with my WIP.

Thanks for checking in, and I'm glad you're feeling better!

Jane Makuch said...

I'm sorry to hear you weren't feel well Jolie. I wish I could have brought you some chicken soup and cookies yesterday.

I'm sure I speak for most of us when I say "We did miss you!" I have to admit I checked in here several times yesterday looking for you.

I've begun to really need you, Martha, Yat-Yee, Jackee and all the others!

I've been making great progress and only have about 7,000 words left on my first draft. Weeeee!

Cuppa Jolie said...

Martha - 11K, I'm impressed. And I like your 500 word idea. It seems the place I've been most comfy lately.

I hit 665 today, but the good part--the GREAT part--was that two of my characters had a conversation that surprised and delighted me. Whee!

Jackee - Thanks so much! You know, now that I'm waiting on that number 100, it will probably be like a watched pot.

Jane - Ah, you missed me. You really, really missed me. Well, I missed all of you yesterday too. And don't think that I didn't consider popping in. I did have to say to myself, Just take the day off. And, can I say, WAY TO GO, JANE. YOU'RE SO CLOSE.

Laura said...

I'm #100!!! =)

I did notice your absence. Hope you're feeling better.

Cuppa Jolie said...

Thank you, Laura! I will always remember you are my number 100!

WOO-HOO!!! *throws confetti, blows horns, jumps up down, offers a trip to Disneyland (I wish)...but I do offer a cuppa your favorite coffee house drink if you are ever in my neck of the woods*

Seriously, I have the BEST blog readers ever.

Laura said...

Hi Jolie! Twitter won't let me direct message you since you're not following me. But yes, this is your number 100 Laura. Are you starting to feel like I'm stalking you? I swear, I'm not. =)

I don't have a Blogger account, but I figured when I chose my Google identity, it would show my full name. Not sure why it doesn't. I'm still learning as I go!

Anyway, I really enjoy your blog! I am going through a very tedious revision process on my novel. On Tuesday I just couldn't get my act together, didn't want to work, but I popped in here and got reinvigorated. I also have a favorite coffee shop where I work when both of my little ones are in school. I focus there better because my office is a mess. *eye roll* You'd think I would just clean.

Hope you're having a great day!
Laura Atchison

Cuppa Jolie said...

Yay, Laura. I'm so glad that was you. Totally meant to hit follow, but I was truly out of gas last night (the brain cells were lacking). I don't think you're stalking one bit. Those creepy bits are saved for guys like the one who had a photo of only his crazy eyes and only followed girls with "jolie" in their twitter name. *shivers* (true story, I blocked that guy)

I'm so, so glad you got a jolt from stopping here. And about that whole messy office thing, if you were cleaning, you wouldn't be wrtiing. Right? That's why we get out of the house. Now, rock that revision.